Diatomite [EM Diatomite] 100% natural material, breathing plastering materials

EM Diatomite

EM Diatomite is safe, harmless and uncalcined diatomite using natural material, 100% Wakkanai siliceous shale. We describe the explanation, Mail-order, coating procedure and advantages of it in this site.

In general, "polyvinyl chloride cloth" and "plywood flooring" have been used for house building so far. However, it has been a problem because these building materials contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) in solvent, adhesives or paints and cause health problems such as sick house syndrome, chemical sensitivity and so on.
Due to above background of house building, recently, the number of people who is conscious of safe and comfortable house condition is increasing. The merits of Japanese long-standing building are now revalued and the remodeling with natural materials like diatomite attracts attention. If you use diatomite for the decoration of new house or remodeling of apartment, it will invite you to safe and comfortable house soon.
While natural material has superior effects, it also has disadvantages. We should fully understand both the merit and the demerit and make use of diatomite which is eco and environment, health-friendly.

First, we explain what diatomite is and how it differs from mortar.

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